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Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent InvestorAdvertisement

First published in 1949 and revised until the fourth edition 1973.

Benjamin Graham, David L. Dodd - Security AnalysisAdvertisement

Nearly 1000-page investing standard work first published in 1934.

Philip Fisher - Common Stocks and Uncommon ProfitsAdvertisement

Book from 1958 about the investment approach of long-term holding of superior companies.

Mohnish Pabrai - The Dhandho InvestorAdvertisement

Investor Mohnish Pabrai about value investing.

Christopher H. Browne - The Little Book of Value InvestingAdvertisement

Little book about the principles of value investing by Chris Browne from the investment company Tweedy, Browne Company.

Joel Greenblatt - The Little Book That Still Beats the MarketAdvertisement

Joel Greenblatt, US-American Investor and university lecturer, introduces his investment strategy. Thereby the portfolio is only updated once a year following a given procedure.

Peter Lynch - One Up On Wall StreetAdvertisement

One of the most successful fund managers of all time about his investment strategy. From 1977-1990 he reached an average annual return of more than 20%.

Stephen H. Penman - Financial Statement Analysis and Security ValuationAdvertisement

Stephen H. Penman is professor at the Columbia Business School in New York. He published his book about financial analysis first in 2000 and updated it multiple times since.

Mary Buffett, David Clark - BuffettologyAdvertisement

Mary Buffett, David Clark - The New BuffettologyAdvertisement

With Buffettology the former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett in 1997 gave an insight in the investment strategy of the famous investor. The sequel followed in 2002.